The Joy of Giving and Living

If there was a poster or magazine that was titled, "The Joy of Giving,” Madonna Opbroek and Modesta Opbroek would likely be on the front cover.

Madonna and Modesta were born to farming parents in rural Fairfax, SD, just west of the Missouri River near the Nebraska border, population 96. They were the only children of their family who survived to adulthood.

Madonna and Modesta are both teachers who taught in the Sioux Falls public school system. They moved back to Fairfax to live with their ailing mother who had Alzheimers, caring for her for ten years prior to her death.  During this period, they kept their apartment in Sioux Falls, making periodic visits.  In spite of the challenges, they refer to this as “a wonderful time in their life.”
After the death of their mother, they sold the family house and farm, and they now permanently reside in Sioux Falls, returning to their parish, Christ the King.
Whether it was Fairfax or Sioux Falls, Madonna and Modesta led the rosary and served as sacristans, as well as being active in Catholic Daughters, and faithful in Eucharistic Adoration. They love everybody, but Madonna and Modesta have an especially deep love for the poor and disadvantaged. For many years, they volunteered their time at the St. Vincent DePaul store, reviewing each donated book to insure it was a good read before putting it on the shelf.
In gratitude to God for His many blessings, Madonna and Modesta established the "Hubert Opbroek Family Endowment" with the Catholic Community Foundation.  It supports several ministries, including those serving the poor, on both sides of the Missouri River in South Dakota.
Madonna Opbroek and Modesta Opbroek epitomize the “Joy of Giving.”

The staff of the CCFESD always look forward to their visits to the office because it comes with big smiles, hugs and lots of laughter!

At a special presentation as part of the CCFESD's annual Legacy of Faith Mass and Reception on November 3, 2022, Madonna and Modesta were recognized with the “Catholic Community Foundation ‘Joy of Giving’ Stewardship Award.”