Want to give, but not sure where to begin? Whether making a small, one-time donation or a large estate gift, CCFESD is committed to connecting all of our donors with the ministries closest to their hearts. Explore the various ways to give below.

Explore Ways to Give

Give Now

Make a one-time donation.

Planned Giving

Includes endowments, donor-advised funds, charitable gift annuities, donor-directed gifts, charitable life insurance and trusts, and bequests.

What to Give 

CCFESD can work to turn almost any asset into a charitable contribution. Some of the most common assets given to charities are:

  • Cash
  • Stock
  • Land
  • IRAs/Required Minimum Distributions
  • Grain/commodities
  • Real estate
  • Personal items and collectibles

Ready to Get Started?

Connect with a gift planning officer in your area to learn more about the various ways we can help.

Impact Stories

Investment Policy

The Catholic Community Foundation maintains a diversified investment portfolio focused on a long-term investment perspective while adhering to Catholic investing guidelines. Our investment advisory committee works with a professional investment consultant to continually evaluate the portfolio and adjust within the investment parameters.

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Experience the Joy of Giving

Share your gifts in gratitude to God.

Experience the Joy of Giving

Share your gifts in gratitude to God.