The Catholic Community Foundation has a modest amount of grant money available for distribution from its unrestricted endowments.

  • All requests for financial assistance require the review and approval of the Board of Directors and/or the Grant Review Committee of the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota.
  • Requests shall be limited to those that will better serve the spiritual, educational, health and social needs of the people served by the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls where other financial resources are not available.
  • Grants are not made to individuals, i.e., individual scholarships, etc., but to ministry programs, projects and institutions.

Preference will be given to:

  • One-time gifts to help initiate new programming.
  • Programming that is diocesan-wide in its nature and impact versus programming that is parish-specific.

All requests will be reviewed by the following committee guidelines:

  • For requests of less than $10,000 the Grant Review Committee may approve/deny request.
  • For requests equal to or over $10,000 the full Board of Directors will approve/deny requests at their semi-annual meetings.

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