An all-area Catholic Mass will be held on Sunday, June 5th at the NSU Barnett Center.  Doors for this event will open at 8:30 a.m.  The event will conclude at 1:00 p.m.


Dave Vetch, Gift Planning Officer for the Aberdeen Community Office, recently interviewed Laurie Campbell regarding her work in planning this community event.  Following are a few excerpts from this interview:


Why even hold a “One Vine, Many Branches” event?


Fr.Michael Griffin came up with the idea for an all community Mass.  It was a natural reaction to the collaboration that he and Fr. Mark Lichter had as pastors of St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart respectively.  The legacy of Aberdeen is woven with Catholic history.  We are coming together to celebrate our Catholic legacy, and invite all to envision the “future full of hope” for our Aberdeen Catholic community.  This unique Eucharist Celebration will be memorable!  Who could forget an all community Mass being held at the Northern State University Barnett Center, right on the Wach’s Arena basketball court?


There are many “branches” in Aberdeen celebrating their Catholic identity, but we all come from the same vine.  We have a past, present, and a future of full of hope for continuing our faithful missions.  We joined our two parishes with the Aberdeen Catholic School System, Presentation College, Presentation Sisters, Avera Health Missions, and Northern State University Newman Center for this unique Eucharistic experience.

Showcasing at least twenty different mission booths, making our children be front and center, having the Knights of Columbus make us pancakes for a free will offering, and letting our musicians share their talents are all what makes this day extra special.

Being a part of this Catholic community and sharing our time, talent, and treasures will make great things happen.  The expectation is that many good things will develop with this collaboration. Sharing our good news of being united has been a unique experience.

What inspired you to get involved as chief event planner?

David Vetch called me and told me about the vision that he and the leadership team had for a home-grown celebration open to all.  It really did not take me long to say that I was willing to help with that concept.  Starting this new project was a good way for me to dwell outside of myself and see where the Lord would take the idea of a “One Vine, Many Branches.”  I did not do it myself.  Building subcommittees, surrounding myself with great people, having fun while doing it, and seeing the positive impact that this will have in Aberdeen has been a positive outcome.  We are just getting started.  We wanted to shake it up a little and see all that God can do in our lives

if we all work together.  Every entity is doing great things and we can climb onboard with their successes.

What can be sparked by the intentional efforts in putting on an event of this magnitude?

When we work together with God in the forefront, we can do great things.  Our plan is to look for ways that God is speaking to us and to help us build our Catholic missions.  We each have needs and wants.  What brings us joy as we navigate through this life on Earth proclaiming the good news of believing in God is what it is all about.  All good things come from God through our gratitude in what we have been given.

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