Gift of Grain

Today’s challenges have forced us all to adapt in ways we weren’t even sure we could. You can’t control the weather, the markets or the impact of a global pandemic, but you get up every day, go out to those fields and yards and try to make things better than the day before.  And you still want to share your gifts with the people and places that have meant so much to you and your family through the years.

The IRS provides a unique opportunity for you as a farmer to support any charity such as your parish, school or cemetery by donating a portion of your crop or other commodity. Before your commodity is sold, instruct the buyer to deposit the bushels (or animal) in the name of the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota and we will accept your pre-tax donation for the benefit of the ministry of your choosing.

“It (giving grain) is a good way to tithe, or give without even missing it,” said one South Dakota couple, who though wishing to remain anonymous, want others to know how simple and painless it is to do.  “It’s a Double bonus – decrease your income for the year while giving to a cause that means a lot to you.”

Contact us at 605-988-3777 for details.