Financial Stewardship & Performance - March 2022


In serving directed giving by donors to specific Catholic parishes, schools, cemeteries, and other ministries, the CCFESD maintains a strong commitment to Catholic stewardship. This involves both good financial accounting as well as Catholic Responsible Investing, with an annual independent audit.

As of March 31, 2022, we are please to report the following:

A peer ranking of similar-sized foundations ranks us at the top quartile for the one, three, and five-year periods; with the trailing 10 year ranking us at the third quartile.

All of these gifts are directed by donors to specific ministries that they have designated, including local parishes, schools and other charities.

While prudent financial management of these funds is critical in preserving capital and maximizing investment returns, the priority of the CCFESD is to incorporate Catholic Responsible Investment screening, utilizing a diversity of funds and managers. The investments within the CCFESD portfolio are screened to invest in accordance with Catholic values.

For more information about utilizing Catholic Responsible Investing and Donor-Directed Giving, contact the CCFESD Gift Planning Office at 605.988.3788. To view the CCFESD Investment Policy, click here.