Financial Stewardship & Performance - June 30, 2023

In serving designated giving by donors to specific Catholic parishes, schools, cemeteries, and other ministries, the CCFESD maintains a strong commitment to Catholic stewardship. This involves both good financial accounting as well as Catholic Responsible Investing, with an annual independent audit.

For the year ending June 30, 2023, the results are as follows:

All of these gifts are designated by donors to specific ministries that they have designated, including local parishes, schools, and other charities.

While prudent financial management of these funds is critical in preserving capital and maximizing investment returns, the priority of the CCFESD is to incorporate Catholic Responsible Investment screening, utilizing a diversity of funds and managers. The investments within the CCFESD portfolio are screened to invest in accordance with Catholic values.

The second quarter of 2023 remained positive in the investment markets. In spite of continued inflation concerns, employment, and activity data continued to be resilient.  Our portfolio diversification has helped during this time of volatility.  The Foundation’s staff, investment committee, and consultant will continue to monitor the portfolio and implement any changes as necessary.