Ethics of Care: Catholic Planning at End of Life

In our newsletters, we have been offering a peek into some of those areas and will continue to do so.  In the meantime, we wanted to invite you to request your own Ethics of Care ‘Workshop’, perhaps with you and your loved ones around your kitchen table, perhaps after daily mass with a group of friends.  Our Catholic Attorney/Bioethicist could work with you individually or in a group to walk through some of the pieces of Catholic teaching and end-of-life planning that weigh on your heart.  Some of those topics might include:

  1. How to make morally sound choices in the face of ever-changing medical technology
    • A 3-Step Process
  2. Supernatural Charity
    • The call to be Good Samaritans
    • A few tools to help you do so
  3. The power of ‘remaining’
    • A model set for us by our Blessed Mother entrusted to us by Christ
    • A few tools to help entrust our own loved ones into the care of others
  4. The Crucifixion: a Choral Scene
    • The meaning of human suffering
    • Our participation in Christ’s redemption
    • Permissibility of certain medical treatments: terminal sedation, removal of life-saving medical treatment
  5. Do legal advance directives in SD support Catholic teaching?
    • Living Will, durable Power of Attorney, MOST, and Comfort One (DNR)
    • Tools to use a Catholic advance directive
  6. Hope: in the present moment and beyond
    • A Future Full of Hope: for our diocese, for our parish, for our loved ones; for ourselves
    • A few tools to do this well

Please reach out to Cameo Anders at  or call/text 605-366-2447 to ask more questions and/or schedule a time to meet.  May you and those entrusted to your care have a fruitful lent filled with blessings as you ‘long for the infinite and your destiny that is eternal.

By: Cameo C. Anders JD, MA