Catholic Schools Week 2023

Many of our donors are passionate about Catholic education and have established endowment funds to pass on their legacy of faith in perpetuity by supporting Catholic Schools. This has a great impact on the ability of these schools to sustain their annual budgets and allow their ministry to thrive. In July 2022 our foundation was humbled to distribute a total of $523,000 in annual endowment distributions to 17 Catholic schools across our diocese on behalf of our donors.

National Catholic Schools Week is annually celebrated Nationally to promote the exceptional education that comes with a Catholic education. It begins on the last Sunday in January and runs for an entire week; this year will be celebrated from January 29 to February 4. With this week-long celebration, people can have a glimpse of the excellent standards, formation, programs, and teachings Catholic schools can offer. (

Catholic schools focus on community and how they can teach each one of their students to be a part of their community through service. Not only do Catholic schools focus on different ways to involve the students with the community, but they encourage confidence, personal development, leadership skills, and of course exceptional academics by maintaining low student-to-teacher ratios. This allows for more focused time on your children, focusing on how each student can grow into a happy, healthy, and holy adult. Every parent can relate to this being their biggest dream for each of their children.

Our Diocese is proud to have 26 Catholic Schools serving students ages Pre-K through 12th grade. Each school is a community of faith, where students, teachers, and families share Catholic values through worship, studies, and caring relationships so each student can achieve their God-given potential. A Catholic education develops the whole person – spirit, mind, and body – through the spiritual and academic formation. (

In July 2022 the Catholic Community Foundation was privileged to distribute a total of $523,000 in annual endowment distributions to 17 Catholic schools across our diocese on behalf of our generous donors. If you would like to support Catholic Education in our Diocese by creating a legacy of faith and love through an endowment or a gift in your will or estate, reach out to any one of our six offices across the Diocese. Visit to learn more.