A Message from our President



We are called to have firm faith, hold hope, and share God’s love with others. We would like for you to know the ways in which the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota (CCFESD) is doing just that in the midst of COVID-19 and its impact.


We’re praying. We’re holding our entire community in prayer, especially the ill and their loved ones, the healthcare workers serving them, our community leaders setting policies and guidelines, our shepherds tending their flocks, and all those affected. Please join us in praying. We’ve found particular consolation in praying with each other and with our Bishop Donald DeGrood. A variety of resources are available on the Diocese of Sioux Falls website at www.sfcatholic.org. The Perpetual Adoration Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, on the Cathedral campus, welcome your prayer requests 24 hours a day.

Even though we can’t receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, many are practicing Spiritual Communion. The Church is finding creative ways to support our pastors and connect with the faithful. Amazingly, TV Mass from our Cathedral, has already been viewed by 167,000 people! And this number does not include the thousands (like me) who watched it on television. We are grateful to the many who support TV Mass through endowments, Catholic Family Sharing Appeal and directed gifts.


We know it is important for Catholic philanthropy to be a continued light for our parishes, schools, Diocese and other ministries. We’ve worked hard to ensure CCFESD can continue providing compassionate and timely service to our donors, partners and beneficiaries. We are leveraging technology to carry on the CCFESD’s day-to-day ministry.  Expect emails to be answered, phone calls to be returned, gifts to be accepted and grants to be processed as usual. If you have a meeting scheduled with a CCFESD staff member, it can be adjusted to utilize either phone or video conferencing technology, or be rescheduled.

Following the important social distancing guidelines our local officials have advised, we are cancelling, adjusting or postponing upcoming activities. This included the Gift of Hope event for Catholic Family Services which was scheduled for Saturday, March 21st. Planning and other committee meetings will continue using video technology and social distancing. We thank you for your understanding.


As a steward of endowments and long-term funds, the CCFESD is not only prepared for challenging times like these, it’s designed for themOur distribution policy and investment strategy seek to balance financial return and preservation of capital with prudent risk tolerance. We continue to monitor and re-balance our investments according to our investment strategy and oversight structure – always with Catholic responsible investing. Parishes, schools and other ministries can expect to receive endowment distribution checks consistent with past years.


We recognize the great strain this unprecedented situation now places on our eastern South Dakota Catholic community. And we know how the faithful long for sacraments, ministries, and works of mercy to remain strongholds in their lives. The  CCFESD is staying connected  to community partners to create solutions that will leverage the profound potential of faith-inspired generosity. The CCFESD established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help people in eastern South Dakota through our 123 local parishes. We were uplifted when, the fund had already received over $5,000 from 16 donors shortly after being posted. Every gift has an impact.


As this situation is changing quickly, we’ll continue to communicate. Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to serve you in whatever way we can.

May we continue to put our trust in our Lord Jesus and be ever more aware of God’s abiding love for us all.

Gratefully in Christ,

Mark Conzemius | President

Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota

523 N. Duluth Avenue | Sioux Falls, SD 57104

605.988.3788 | mconzemius@ccfesd.org | ccfesd.org