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Christmas at the Cathedral

December 12-15, 2024

More details on the 2024 event is coming soon.

Thank You For Joining us for the 27th annual Christmas at the Cathedral!

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Cathedral of Saint Joseph
521 N. Duluth Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD

The 27th annual Christmas at The Cathedral will be performed with six concerts, December 14-17, 2023 at the Cathedral of St Joseph. This year’s theme, “The Heavens Declare,” is a first-hand account of the monumental events surrounding Jesus’ birth and His miraculous mission and impact through the experience of one of the magi. The magi laid it all on the line in their pursuit of truth. They were courageous, convicted and committed to a journey that required sacrifice, patience and trust. In spite of many dangers, when they saw the star, they followed it, not counting the cost of going on a journey in which they didn’t know where it would end.

And even though they were not affiliated with Jesus or His Jewish faith, their life’s work of studying the stars, science, and scripture led them to the son of Joseph and Mary. They knew that they had arrived. They knew that they could stop looking for something else. They had discovered the Messiah!
his inspiring production features actor, Mark Christopher Lawrence, best known for his role as Big Mike on the NBC series Chuck. He has also made guest appearances on many television programs and movies. The script will come alive through the inspiring musical compositions and arrangements of Christmas at The Cathedral Music Director and Conductor, Dan Goeller; and our featured soloists, Nashville recording artists, Shelley Jennings and Carlos Santiago; along with the Christmas at The Cathedral Orchestra and Choir.

In addition to being an inspiring Christmas experience, Christmas at The Cathedral supports the poor and vulnerable in our midst through endowments for the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House, as well as the ongoing care of the Cathedral of St Joseph, one of the region’s most significant civic and sacred landmarks. Christmas is not just an historical event or celebration, it is something that happens within each of us every moment of every day. We look forward to sharing with you the hope and joy of God’s Incarnation during the 27th annual Christmas at The Cathedral, The Heavens Declare!


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About The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House & The Cathedral of St. Joseph Fund

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House is an emergency overnight & daytime shelter and the endowment assists with it’s ongoing care and maintenance. The Cathedral of St. Joseph is one of the most iconic civic and sacred landmarks in South Dakota. The endowment supports the care and maintenance of this holy structure.






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