Our Purpose & Our History

Thirty-one years ago, Bishop Paul Dudley, along with 20 clergy and lay leaders, met in Huron to establish what has become the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota. The July 1987 Bishop’s Bulletin quoted Bishop Paul Dudley, “It is my hope and prayer that the basic needs of our diocese can be guaranteed in perpetuity through such a foundation.” Bishop Dudley went on to explain that the foundation is planned as an “ongoing, perpetual support for the needs which we have now, and the needs which will surface in the future.” 

The Catholic Community Foundation began with $200,000 and today we are deeply grateful to manage $112 million. What an awesome privilege and responsibility we have to be a part of Bishop Dudley’s vision today! The Catholic Community Foundation’s investment objectives are committed to Catholic moral and social values. In addition, the Catholic Community Foundation will not make distributions or grants to charities that are not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. We ensure donors’ legacies forever follow their values and wishes, perpetually impacting the ministries they determine.

Who We Are

Our Mission

To raise, manage and distribute God’s gifts to donor-directed charities.

Our Vision

Helping people grow deeper in love with Christ by sharing their gifts in gratitude to God.

Our Core Values

Living Faith In Ministry

We are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We believe our work is ministry, guided by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that all we are, have, and will be is a gift from God.

Exercising Responsibility

We believe in responsible stewardship.

We affirm good judgement and integrity through honesty and  transparency.

We have a fiscally responsible investment policy that adheres to Catholic values.

Achieving Excellence

We partner with parishes, priests and donors to strengthen ministries.

We strive to “drought proof” the current ministries of the Catholic Church in eastern South Dakota.

We distribute God’s gifts to donor-directed ministries.​