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My Life and My Conversion: I Am So Grateful

Traci Kulesa, Director of Catholic Campus Ministry at Augustana and USF, was blessed to receive a check for $70,586, the net amount raised from the Bishop's Charity Hunt for the Diocese of Sioux Falls' Campus Ministries. Traci shared what a gift it was to interact with the CCFESD Board Members and was "humbled" to learn that the CCFESD is 35 years old, stating, "I am a daughter of the diocese."

She added, "I can see the thread from the formation I had in my home parish to my time in college ministry, to my time serving as a missionary, and now coming back to lead campus ministry in Sioux Falls.

"If you are looking for the fruit outside of the numbers that you have seen (in the CCFESD board meeting), it is my life and my conversion, and I am so grateful."