Catholic Responsible Investing

One of the most significant values of the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota (CCFESD) is its incorporation of Catholic Responsible Investment screening of its funds under management. The investments within the CCFESD portfolio are screened to filter out those companies with fundamental conflicts with the teachings of the Catholic Church

The CCFESD is blessed to now manage over $126 million in total assets (as of Aug. 31, 2020), including over $114 million in endowments and agency accounts invested for Catholic parishes, schools, cemeteries and other organizations throughout eastern South Dakota and beyond.

While prudent management of these funds is critical in preserving capital and maximizing investing returns, as a Catholic organization, the CCFESD makes it a priority to incorporate Catholic Responsible Investment screening, utilizing a diversity of funds and managers.

One example is Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS).  CBIS recognizes the priority concerns of Catholic institutions and screens companies profiting from activities such as life ethics (contraception, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, etc.), violence and pornography.  “Our distinctive approach to investment screening, rooted in Catholic beliefs and incorporating United States Conference of Catholic Bishops investment guidelines, helps Catholic Institutions avoid benefiting from company activities that violate Church teachings,” said Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS).

“Donors have found the Catholic Responsible Investment screening utilized by the CCFESD to be an important, unique element when deciding where to direct their gifts,” according to Mike Bannwarth, CCFESD Vice President for Finance and Administration. “They are assured that not only are they supporting Catholic ministries important to them with their gifts, their contributions are also invested in a manner consistent with their Catholic faith and values.”

Oversight for CCFESD investments and financial management is by the Finance Committee of the CCFESD Board of Directors. Click here for the CCFESD Investment Policy and here to view the 2019 annual report of activities.  The 2020 annual report will be available this December at

For more information about utilizing Catholic Responsible Investing in your charitable gifting, contact the CCFESD Gift Planning Office at 605-988-3788.

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